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Join Instant Beauty UK’s Influencer Squad

Who are we?

Instant Beauty UK is where beauty and technology come together. Producing innovative, cosmetic products for the everyday woman, which are easy to apply and good for the environment. So why not join our Influencer Squad?

What is Eye Majic?

Instant Beauty’s Eye Majic is the world’s first instant eyeshadow that uses heat-sensitive applicators. Eye Majic transfers highly pigmented eyeshadow in a variety of colours, straight onto the eyelid in 10 seconds.

It’s easy, fuss-free applicator contains mono-chromatic pigments which are designed to create instant, professional looking application. This allows you to become your very own makeup artist.

At Instant Beauty UK, we strive to create innovate beauty cosmetics that are easy, fun, affordable and sustainable.

What is the Influencer Squad?

Instant Beauty UK are looking for ambassadors who love all things makeup, to join our Influencer Squad. We want to spread the word and educate people on the latest innovations in the makeup industry, like Eye Majic.

Being part of our Influencer Squad, you’ll be kept up to date with new product launches and be supplied with samples aplenty and be the first to know about new our advancements. We’ll also be rolling out an affiliate programme for members of our Influencer Squad.

How do you get involved?

If you feel like you’d make a great brand ambassador, drop us a line by letting us know why you’d like to join our Influencer Squad and share with us your go-to eyeshadow look.

To join our affiliate programme, please apply via our website with your social media handles, following and engagement statistics. Instant Beauty UK will be in touch within 2-5 working days following submission.

Once approved, Instant Beauty will supply you with a unique code to use on all social media platforms and will work together on creating engaging and creative content for your followers.

What do you get in return?

After joining Instant Beauty UK’s Influencer Squad and/or affiliate programme, you’ll be part of the Instant Beauty UK family. You will be the first to know about our new product launches, receive free samples and earn commission payment at the end of every month from our affiliate programme.