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Instant Beauty’s Stance on Sustainability

Many of our customers ask us regularly on our social media whether our products are environmentally friendly – and yes, they are!

We understand beauty lovers are making environmentally conscious decisions when buying their cosmetics. And it’s important for brands like us to ensure our customers look and feel good but not at the expense of the planet. According to Zero Waste Week, the global cosmetics industry manufactures an enormous 120 billion units of packaging every year. Many of which isn’t recyclable.

Instant Beauty is committed to reducing waste

Instant Beauty is committed to reducing waste and supporting the environment by ensuring our products are either fully recyclable and biodegradable. Eye Majic’s Instant Eyeshadow applicators can be applied on your eyelids more than once. Due to its high pigment you can use them more than once. This is just another way we support sustainability here at Instant Beauty. One you’ve used our Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow applicators, just pop them in the recycling bin where they’ll decompose after a few weeks. They are totally biodegradable! We consider materials such as these within our products. So we help support the planet but also help our efforts of plastic wastage.

Each Eye Majic applicator breaks down naturally

Each Eye Majic applicator breaks down naturally as they are absorbed by the soil quickly. This means less time and waste in the world’s landfills.

Instant Beauty has thought of it all, not only are the applicators recyclable and biodegradable but our shell and box packaging is too.

No nasty fillers, parabens or preservatives

Instant Beauty’s Eye Majic is also free from nasty fillers, parabens, preservatives, 100% safe and non-toxic. Due to our love and care for the eco-system we are also a proud cruelty-free cosmetic brand. Instant Beauty uses unique formulations and safe ingredients when creating our cosmetics range. At Instant Beauty we care for the environment and we care for our customers.

Join us in supporting sustainability in the beauty industry.