How to Write for Instant Beauty


If you’re reading this, chances are you are familiar with the beauty industry, and if you are, chances are you have a funny, wild, emotional, or helpful story that the world should read, and we want to help you tell it.

Instant Beauty, an online makeup company specialising in eye shadows, has ONE mission, and that is to help women love the way they look by accepting their own unique appearance. We want to be a place where every woman can share their own ideas, from women who have something to show the world, to women who are willing to understand more about themselves and combining it with makeup rules—you don’t have to be a makeup expert to write a fresh, compelling, and unexpected story about your experience. We share perspectives that people can relate to, inspire them, make them laugh, and challenge them to think about something differently.

At Instant Beauty, we’re always looking to work with freelance reporters and reviewers who want to contribute reported or personal articles to the online blog magazine.  You don’t need to be a professional writer to tell a story  – if you’ve got something compelling to say and can write about it well, we want to hear from you too.

We want our Blog to be a showcase for sharing your own make up palettes, and how you apply them, Maybe the latest gossip on what’s new, and perhaps funny anecdotes, or stories on celebrities and articles/videos about helping others with their make up battles or frustrations. You can think about new topics or use one of the following examples:

  • Eye Shadow – Colours by age- Does age change your preference in colour?
  • Eye Shadow -Colours by skin tone- Do you find your skin tone inhibits or allows you to wear specific colours?
  • Eye Shadow – Colours by eye colour- Do you match your eyeshadow to your eye colour?
  • Why are your eyes the most important part of your look?
  • Why is it important to highlight your eyes?
  • How to choose the right eyeshadow for you?
  • Your tips on how to apply make up for a business meeting
  • Your tips on how to apply make up for your profession
  • Your tips on how to apply make up for school/college/university
  • Your tips on how to apply make up on a night out
  • Your tips on how to apply make up with a professional finish
  • Your tips on how to apply make up for a date
  • Top 5/top 10/top 20 Amazon UK’s best seller eye shadows
  • Honest review about our Eye Majic eye shadows
  • 7 simple steps you should follow to look fabulous
  • Who am I? why am I here? what should I apply? Can you advise on make up frustrations that women face?
  • If you’ve always wondered why your make up look is not complete, this is why.
  • Don’t be frustrated applying make up, it is easier than you thought.
  • Trick or Treat? What are your Halloween make up ideas?
  • The No Makeup- Makeup Look- What’s your advice on a subtle look?
  • Your tips on Makeup for Glasses
  • Your tips on Winter Makeup
  • Your tips on Spring Makeup
  • Your tips on Autumn/fall Makeup
  • Regular Vs Instant Eyeshadow – What is your preference and why?

As long as you have something meaningful to say that hasn’t been said elsewhere, get in touch—we’re always seeking new and diverse voices.

We believe it’s important to be as open and transparent as possible about how you can work with us. This post is intended to do just that, so please send all types of stories and experiences you have had with Make up! We look forward to reading and selecting your entries.


For those with a background and experience in journalism, writing posts and blogging, we seek stories and posts that take a step away from the regular make up news, and explore fresh angles that have not yet been addressed.


Showcasing first-person accounts using unique ideas are a large part of what we do. We’re always looking for colourful and different essays that make us laugh, lead us to tears, or truly astound us.


We’re all about hearing from people with a fierce and passionate argument, especially if it goes against the status quo. You should have authority in the topic you’re writing about and make sure that your opinion is backed up with facts and cohesive reasoning.


We’re deeply interested in the characters who make our industry run — the businesses, the people and the manufacturers. Stories like non-profit organisations, industry people raising money for poverty and more stories you can find elsewhere.


It’s nice to laugh once in a while. We’re interested in your quick-witted pieces that are subtle, easily relatable, and hilarious.


We all have those looming questions we’ve never answered. For example, does my husband think I am spending too much money on makeup and fashion? Can we trust top brands that are affiliated to celebrities?


We’re not all text all the time. We’re always looking for ways to tell stories visually, whether that’s a moving photo essay, a series of comics or illustrations, a video feature, or a set of infographics or interactive graphics.

What’s in it for you

  • Every writer shall receive a FREE Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow with a colour of your choice.
  • If your article meets the above criteria, we shall promote it on social media, and this shall engage a large audience.
  • Please note, duplicated articles/posts will not be accepted.
  • Please note, We may edit some of the articles/posts/videos to relate them to EyeMajic products, and search engine optimization.
  • If you receive remuneration for articles, it is subject to PayPal only.


  • Please send your entries in an email to
  • Please use “Freelance Pitch: [Article Title].” In the Subject Line.
  • Include a proposed headline and two to three short paragraphs explaining your idea, how you’ll approach the story, whom you’ll interview / talk to (if anyone), and any relevant reason why your story should be written now. Use this part to air your writing style and show us what we can expect from you.
  • Please bare in mind that we receive a large volume of pitches and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.
  • We pay £50–200 per story/post depending on the research required for the piece.

We look forward to reading your ideas. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact us on