How to Match your Eyeshadow to your Eye Colour

Eyeshadow can and should be transformative, fun and creative. With an array of eyeshadow colours to choose from, Instant Beauty’s Eye Majic’s Instant Eyeshadow range has the perfect shade. This shade will not only complement your eyes but enhance your natural beauty…

We have carefully curated a selection of Instant Beauty’s eyeshadows guaranteed to make your eyes pop, naturally. From subtle neutrals, smokey browns and sultry silvers – find out which shade is best suited to your eye colour…

The Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Instant Beauty UK 027 eye majic violleta

EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow – Violetta 027

EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow – Purple Haze 009

Brown eyes are versatile enough to pair with almost any shade of eyeshadow. Daring bold eye shadows are a great way to make your brown eyes stand out. So why not try out Eye Majic’s Matte purple shade Violetta. If you want to add a little extra glam to your look, a shimmery purple eye just like Purple Haze will give your eyes that extra dazzle.

The Best Eyeshadows for Blue Eyes

Eye Majic Eyessmokey eyes

To accentuate blue eyes, earthy tones like Eye Majic’s Romanesque shade can offer the perfect blend of warm browns that will enhance your blue eyes and make them pop. A smokey eye is also a timeless makeup look which blue eyes can rock! Swipe Eye Majic’s Smokey Eyes shade onto your eyelids and blend lightly to achieve the easiest smokey eye ever!

The Best Eye Shadows for Green Eyes

natural blond instant eyeshadowplum mist eyeshadow

Shimmery rose golds and vivacious reds will help to emphasise the natural sparkle of green eyes. A gentle swipe of Eye Majic’s Instant Eyeshadow shade Natural Blond will give you maximum impact with minimal effort, thanks to its pop of champagne gold.

Reddy brown tones also work to brighten the yellow hues in golden-green eyes. To amplify your eyes, Eye Majic’s Instant Eyeshadow Plum Mist will work a dream as the combination of green and red will give you brighter-looking, mesmerising eyes. 


We challenge you to match your eye colour to your Eye Majic Instant Eye-Shadow.

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