How to Apply Eyeshadow

So, you’ve just ordered your first ever pack of EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow, and you’re wondering where to start with these little pads of wonder that promise fuss-free and perfectly applied, awesome eyeshadow looks in one swift swipe. Want to know how to Apply Eyeshadow? Do not fear, we are here to walk you through a step-by-step process of how to achieve professional looking eye makeup application in just a few minutes.

Despite watching countless YouTube beauty tutorials on ‘how to apply eyeshadow’, what appears to be a pretty uncomplicated and obvious task (they always make it look so effortless, don’t they?!), usually ends up with feelings of frustration and too much time lost. EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow by Instant Beauty takes the bother out of applying eyeshadow, and transforms what might usually be a daunting task into a quick and easy process with super satisfying results.

EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow is the world’s first instant eyeshadow, which transfers highly pigmented product from a disposable applicator pad, directly onto the eyelid and brow bone in just a few seconds. No lengthy tutorials, smashed compacts or messy makeup bags – a professional look every time, with this long wear, cut crease, effortless eye makeup.

To apply Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow, remove the applicator pads from the packaging, and position the corresponding pad over the closed eyelid. Simply press the applicator pad directly onto your eyelid and hold down for 3-4 seconds before swiping off in an outward direction. Then, use a beauty brush to gently blend out the edges for a flawless, finished look. Complete the look with a feline flick, and finish off with the EyeMajic Moisturizing Eyeliner pencil.

From the classic smokey eye to natural, soft hues for everyday wear, the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow range offers 25 fabulous shades to suit your every mood. All products are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, non-toxic and super hygienic with the biodegradable, disposable applicator pad. Whilst the applicator pads are designed to be one use, each pad can in fact be used up to three times depending on how pigmented you like your eyeshadow to look.

Applying Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow



1. Press the Eye Majic applicator firmly on the base of the eyelid for approx. 4 seconds.


2. Slide the applicator across your eyelid 2mm to break the seal.


3. Use a beauty brush to blend out the edges for a flawless, finished look. For a stronger look, repeat steps 1 & 2.