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Eyeshadow Tips for Beginners

Applying eyeshadow can be a daunting task. It’s quite possibly the trickiest beauty technique to get right after the dreaded winged liner and whilst beauty bloggers create the illusion that a smouldering, smokey eye is relatively easy to achieve, we all know that more often than not, their results are not mimicked when we try at home. For those wanting to elevate their beauty look above a dash of lippy and lick of mascara, here are our top tips for eyeshadow beginners:

  1. Pick the right shade: When beginning to experiment with eyeshadows, your first port of call should be choosing the right shade to suit your eye colour. There are some certain colour combinations that always work well, guaranteed to enhance your own eye tones and bring out the best in your natural assets. For example, bronzy orange shades never fail to make blue eyes pop and purple tones will intensify the green shades in your eyes. If you’re a beginner and not sure which eyeshadow colour to go for, take a look at our eyeshadow colour guides for brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes for inspiration.
  2. Keep it simple: Whilst it may be tempting to go for more adventurous shades, we advise that eyeshadow beginners should keep it simple and stick to a neutral colour palette whilst getting to grips with the technique. Once you’ve mastered your everyday look, turn it up a notch and begin to introduce some stronger shades.
  3. Use the right brushes: Even when using EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow, it’s still important to blend out the edges for a flawless, finished look. Having the right brushes to hand is crucial when applying eyeshadow, so it’s a good idea to invest in a couple of different types. Small, flat brushes are best for applying and fluffier bigger brushes are what you need for blending.
  4. Complete the look: Whilst coloured eyeshadows will do a great job at enhancing your natural eye colours, there are other products that when applied properly, make your eyes appear larger and more feline. After applying eyeshadow, line the outer top lid with a dark pencil eyeliner extended out to a slight flick to exaggerate the eye and make it look more almond in shape. Then finish off with the eyelash curlers and lashes of mascara to open the eyes and make them look larger.