Guide to Applying EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow

So, you’ve just ordered your first ever pack of EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow, and you’re wondering where to start with these little pads of wonder that promise fuss-free and perfectly applied, awesome eyeshadow looks in one swift swipe. Do not fear, we are here to walk you through a step-by-step process of how to achieve professional looking eye makeup application in just a few minutes.


Despite watching countless YouTube beauty tutorials on ‘how to apply eyeshadow’, what appears to be a pretty uncomplicated and obvious task (they always make it look so effortless, don’t they?!), usually ends up with feelings of frustration and too much time lost. EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow by Instant Beauty takes the bother out of applying eyeshadow, and transforms what might usually be a daunting task into a quick and easy process with super satisfying results.


EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow is the world’s first instant eyeshadow, which transfers highly pigmented product from a disposable applicator pad, directly onto the eyelid and brow bone in just a few seconds. No lengthy tutorials, smashed compacts or messy makeup bags – a professional look every time, with this long wear, cut crease, effortless eye makeup. 


To apply Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow, remove the applicator pads from the packaging, and position the corresponding pad over the closed eyelid. Simply press the applicator pad directly onto your eyelid and hold down for 3-4 seconds before swiping off in an outward direction. Then, use a beauty brush to gently blend out the edges for a flawless, finished look. Complete the look with a feline flick, and finish off with the EyeMajic Moisturizing Eyeliner pencil. 


From the classic smokey eye to natural, soft hues for everyday wear, the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow range offers 25 fabulous shades to suit your every mood. All products are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, non-toxic and super hygienic with the biodegradable, disposable applicator pad. Whilst the applicator pads are designed to be one use, each pad can in fact be used up to three times depending on how pigmented you like your eyeshadow to look.


Eyeshadow Tips for Beginners

Applying eyeshadow can be a daunting task. It’s quite possibly the trickiest beauty technique to get right after the dreaded winged liner and whilst beauty bloggers create the illusion that a smouldering, smokey eye is relatively easy to achieve, we all know that more often than not, their results are not mimicked when we try at home. For those wanting to elevate their beauty look above a dash of lippy and lick of mascara, here are our top tips for eyeshadow beginners:

  1. Pick the right shade: When beginning to experiment with eyeshadows, your first port of call should be choosing the right shade to suit your eye colour. There are some certain colour combinations that always work well, guaranteed to enhance your own eye tones and bring out the best in your natural assets. For example, bronzy orange shades never fail to make blue eyes pop and purple tones will intensify the green shades in your eyes. If you’re a beginner and not sure which eyeshadow colour to go for, take a look at our eyeshadow colour guides for brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes for inspiration.
  2. Keep it simple: Whilst it may be tempting to go for more adventurous shades, we advise that eyeshadow beginners should keep it simple and stick to a neutral colour palette whilst getting to grips with the technique. Once you’ve mastered your everyday look, turn it up a notch and begin to introduce some stronger shades.
  3. Use the right brushes: Even when using EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow, it’s still important to blend out the edges for a flawless, finished look. Having the right brushes to hand is crucial when applying eyeshadow, so it’s a good idea to invest in a couple of different types. Small, flat brushes are best for applying and fluffier bigger brushes are what you need for blending.
  4. Complete the look: Whilst coloured eyeshadows will do a great job at enhancing your natural eye colours, there are other products that when applied properly, make your eyes appear larger and more feline. After applying eyeshadow, line the outer top lid with a dark pencil eyeliner extended out to a slight flick to exaggerate the eye and make it look more almond in shape. Then finish off with the eyelash curlers and lashes of mascara to open the eyes and make them look larger.

Best Eyeshadow Colours For Green Eyes

If you have been blessed with green eyes, then it’s likely that you might not bother with everyday eyeshadows as your mesmerising, emerald eyes don’t need much help in standing out. That said, we all like to dress up for an occasion or evening out, and there are plenty of shades suited to enhancing natural green eyes. 

Opposites Attract

Similar to those with blue eyes, it’s a good idea to start by looking at basic colour theory when identifying the best eyeshadow colour for green eyes. Sitting directly opposite green on the colour wheel is violet, and when the two colours are placed beside each other it creates a stark, powerful contrast. Wearing purple eyeshadow will intensify the green shades in your eyes and make them dazzle. From the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow range, we recommend shades Purple Haze, Violetta or Flirt Alert.

Warm & Rich

For a more subtle yet equally contrasting look, those with green eyes can opt for reddy eyeshadow tones like mauve or burgundy to bring out their natural emerald tones. Similar to the effect violet has next to green, these warm, reddish colours will make green eyes pop. From the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow range, try Autumn Fall, Ayers Rock or Gold Rust. For a more gentle, everyday look, the same outcome can be achieved with softer, pink tones. We recommend shade Monte Carlo from the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow collection. 

Eau Naturale

To bring out the yellow tones in green eyes, golden shimmery shades will do the trick whether you go a shade in bronze, champagne or rose. Keeping it classy, golden bronze eyeshadows generally suit most eye colours, especially green eyes. The perfect way to add some sparkle to your look for an evening do, we suggest trying shades Romanesque or Natural Blonde from the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow range. Complete the look with a feline flick, finishing off with the EyeMajic Moisturizing Eyeliner pencil.                                       

Best Eyeshadow Colours For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are beautiful as they are, but if you’re looking for a little enhancement or wanting to create a more adventurous look for an evening or event, then you can’t go wrong following the basic colour theory to find the best eyeshadow colour for blue eyes. See the different colour ways for blue eyes below to help choose the best shade of EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow for you!

Opposites Attract 

Complementary to the colour blue is orange, sitting directly opposite on the colour wheel. With orange being in total contrast to blue, the two colours together appear more vibrant when side by side. When looking for the right eyeshadow shade to suit blue eyes, we advise to opt for warm, earthy tones with an orangey undertone like gold, bronze, copper, coral or peach to make your blue eyes pop. Try EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow in 

Eau Naturale

For a natural daytime look, blend a bronzy brown shade with creamy hue’s to create a sophisticated yet subtle effect. These understated eyeshadow tones make for a perfectly peachy everyday look. From the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow range, we recommend those with blue eyes should try shades Natural Blond, Urban Cream and Creamy Jade.

Deep & Earthy

For an evening eyeshadow look, choose deeper brownish shades combined with shimmer to create a more dramatic appearance and make your blue eyes dazzle. Copper, bronze and rust are great colour options, fading into metallic gold or champagne on the upper eyelid and brow bone. From the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow range, we recommend shades Romantic Sunset, Romanesque, Crème Brulee, Ayers Rock or Wild Honey, finished off with the EyeMajic Moisturizing Eyeliner pencil.

Cool & Collected

For a more unusual look, those with blue eyes can also play around with cooler eyeshadow shades that mimic their own eye colour. Applying silvery blue eyeshadow colours will enhance the natural tones in blue eyes, making for a mesmerizing look. Try EyeMajic in shades Moody Blue or Optimistic to achieve your very own blue steel. 


Best Eyeshadow Colours For Brown Eyes

Being a strong and neutral colour, brown eyes generally make the best canvas for getting creative with eyeshadow. Those with brown eyes can often get more adventurous with their eyeshadow looks, as most brown eyes carry a wide variety of colours well. Whether it be a contrasting and vibrant emerald or the classic smokey eye, there are many eyeshadow colours that suit brown eyes brilliantly. Read on for our advise on the best EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow shades to suit your brown eyes.


To create that no makeup makeup look, brown eyed beauties can rely on natural, earthy eyeshadow shades to enhance their own eye tones, bringing out depth and dimension. Brozny tones look amazing against brown eyes, as they create a sultry yet soft appearance without being too severe. For a gentle yet polished everyday look, mix soft creamy tones with deeper autumnal shades for understated glamour. To achieve the look, we recommend trying EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow in Creme Brulee, Wild Honey or Romanesque. 

Smoulder & Smoke

As brown eyes have no problem carrying heavier shades, the classic smokey eye is the perfect choice when wanting to elevate your everyday eyeshadow look without being too daring. Blending dark charcoal greys with silvery shimmers creates an elegant and dazzling effect, that’s perfect for a night out on the town. Opt for shade Smokey Eyes from the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow range, and you won’t go wrong.

Striking Contrast

If you’re feeling adventurous, those with deep brown eyes should play around with rich emerald and teal shades to create a striking contrast. Perfect when wanting to make an appearance, those with brown eyes the only ones who can really pull off this powerful look. From the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow collection, opt for shades Double Mint or Ivy League to create the look.

Purple Pop

For a similarly vibrant look, choose plum and violet eyeshadow colours that will compliment brown eyes. Applying heavily contrasting eyeshadow colours makes your own eye colour pop, enhancing their natural beauty. We recommend shades Violetta, Purple Haze or Flirt Alert from the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow collection. 

Best Eyeshadow Colours for Hazel Eyes

With a mix of green and brown, those with hazel eyes have a lot to play with. Either opt for eyeshadow colours to accentuate those gorgeous brown tones or choose more contrasting eyeshadow colours to make your green flecks pop – double the colour means double the fun!

Golden Girl

To bring out the yellow tones in your eyes, go for eyeshadows in golden shimmery shades guaranteed to make your eyes sparkle. Picking up on your natural yellow-green tones, luxurious shades of gold and emerald green will highlight the depth and richness in your hazel eyes. We recommend EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow in shades Double Mint, Emerald Romance, Creme Brulee and Romanesque. 

Understated Glam

For a more low-key look, choose natural, earthy eyeshadow colours that will complement the brown in your hazel eyes. You can’t go wrong with EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow in shades Cappuccino, Wild Honey and Urban Cream.

Head Turner

For a more adventurous look, play around with purple-brown eyeshadow colours that will create a head-turning contrast against the green tones in your hazel eyes. From the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow collection, try Purple Haze or Violetta for a cool and collected image. To create a more warm and sophisticated look, opt for Romantic Sunset to create a reddish-brown glow.


Eyeshadow 4 Age Defying Eyeshadows For Your Make Up Bag

As we all get older, we tend to stay within our trusty remit of make up and stray away from experimenting. But why can’t we still have fun with Make Up like instant eyeshadow?
Here at Instant Beauty UK HQ, we’ve pulled together a few fun, flirty and of course age-dying looks that you can rock. Making you feel fabulous and youthful…



Simple, elegant and natural eyeshadow with a touch of shimmer. Why not try out Eye Majic’s Creamy Jade Eye Shadow – pair with a lovely glossy lip! Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow, 5 Pair Pack – Easy Professional Makeup in 10 Seconds – Creamy Jade – 101










Chocolaty Brown Nude blended out to create a gorgeous smokey eye with Eye Majic’s Autumn Fall. Add a touch of Eye Majic’s Moisturising Eyeliner Super Soft Black Twist Up Pencil for a more dramatic eye… Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow, 5 Pair Pack – Easy Professional Makeup in 10 Seconds – Autumn Fall – 054 MATTE









eye majic eyeshadow


Moody Blue is the perfect Wintery eye look with a touch of highlight to the brow bone for extra glow and lifting! Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow, 5 Pair Pack – Easy Professional Makeup in 10 Seconds – Moody Blue – 017










eye majic eyeshadow



Light and Smokey Green paired with a nude; matte lip is the perfect combo to subtly shake things up! Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow, 5 Pair Pack – Easy Professional Makeup in 10 Seconds – Emerald Romance – 005









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