Best Eyeshadow Colours for Hazel Eyes

With a mix of green and brown, those with hazel eyes have a lot to play with. Either opt for eyeshadow colours to accentuate those gorgeous brown tones or choose more contrasting eyeshadow colours to make your green flecks pop – double the colour means double the fun!

Golden Girl

To bring out the yellow tones in your eyes, go for eyeshadows in golden shimmery shades guaranteed to make your eyes sparkle. Picking up on your natural yellow-green tones, luxurious shades of gold and emerald green will highlight the depth and richness in your hazel eyes. We recommend EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow in shades Double Mint, Emerald Romance, Creme Brulee and Romanesque. 

Understated Glam

For a more low-key look, choose natural, earthy eyeshadow colours that will complement the brown in your hazel eyes. You can’t go wrong with EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow in shades Cappuccino, Wild Honey and Urban Cream.

Head Turner

For a more adventurous look, play around with purple-brown eyeshadow colours that will create a head-turning contrast against the green tones in your hazel eyes. From the EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow collection, try Purple Haze or Violetta for a cool and collected image. To create a more warm and sophisticated look, opt for Romantic Sunset to create a reddish-brown glow.