Banish the Brushes

To brush or not to brush is one of the biggest beauty questions in the beauty world. While brushes are often seen as the go-to, sometimes we don’t have enough time to use them or aren’t able to invest in a full set of brushes. At Instant Beauty we have the perfect solution to applying and blending your eyeshadow if you don’t have access to brushes and if you’re on the move. If you’re wondering how to get flawless eyes with Eye Majic, keep reading…

Instant Beauty’s Eye Majic is the world’s first instant eyeshadow which doesn’t require a brush. They provide heat sensitive applicators to allow for a quick, professional look every time. Simply follow the three steps below to achieve the perfect eye look:

    1. Press Instant Beauty’s Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow firmly onto the eyelid for approximately 5 seconds
    2. Swipe the applicator across the lid in the appropriate direction
    3. Use the top of the applicator or your finger to blend out

Brushless makeup is travel friendly too – Eye Majic’s Instant Eyeshadow are available in matte and shimmer finishes and come in a handy pack of 5 for just £6.80 which is ideal for a long-weekend getaway.

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